Saturday, April 25, 2009


MUET.because of it, i managed to woke up early in the morning. (after d kejut oleh ajimo) siap call dr blok B. haha setinggitinggi penghargaan. first and foremost, i would like to express my feelings about dat. okeoke. first, when i got the paper, with confidnce, i opened it with basmalah :) we muslim ayte? so start wit basmalah and end with alhamdulillah. heyya! the question is so tricky la. all of the answers are correct and of cos, u need to choose the correct one la. how come uh? in front of u is all correcct, then u need to choose the correct one. can u imagine how tricky it was? haa. then u noe! enjoyed reading the article, ive got no time to finish my las article and jus coloured the alphabet. huh! damn. den now im dreaming of 'band5.' can u see how 'confident' i am? (u need to think critically in this sentence). the next session is writing. i think i have no problems with this session. and lasly, the listening session. the one who is talking in the CD is talking nonsense la. haha. bley x nk ckp gtu ble taley wat listening test. the instruction is clearly stated that 'not more than 5 words' but still, i wrote 10words. then how? band5?good.confident. actually, for decom student, it is ridiculous when they said that they cannot do MUET (sy la tu yg bunguk). common la. u were exposed to IELTS test. IELTS is international. harder. crazy. and etc. then how com u said that u cant do it? argh! besides, u were taking it from sem1 till sem4. then? still cannot do? can la. but not very satisfied with wat ive done. haha :D xpela, nt klu xpuas ati, kite amek lagi MUET eh kaka? haha sampai ke tua la dgn MUET nehh haa. eh eh.haa actually the title is not suitable la. coz i have one more session la.
speaking test on 6th may. ready to face it and beccome gagap? haha :D:D to all my friends, pray fer my success yahh? :D as i said b4, start with basmalah an end with alhalmdulillah.

till den, alhamdulillah.


  1. gdluck 4 u n me;))

  2. gudluck for all of us.