Thursday, November 19, 2009

everytime i click post new entry, den i duno wat to write. demm

wahh. da seminggu da blk dr Kuantan. alah bukan pegi lame pn. 1 hr je. ;DD seperti yg dijanjikan dlm entry nehh, den i pn pulang lah ke Kuantan bg melangsaikan kertas peperiksaan akhir (wahh skema) pelajar tahun akhir diploma in english communication ;PP wahh tersangat teruja bile dapat jumpe && gathered wit all my besties after 4month x jumpe kn kn ;))

mlm tu, xtdo hostel since cm xde tempat nk tdo. i mean no room for all of us-practical students. klu nk, pandai2 la tdo blk junior or sickbay or tv room. since mcm xbesh je kn cmtu, so we decided to stay 1nyte kt hotel, && have fun there, having party like d hotel is our bapak yg punye haha ;DD dat nyte, we celebrated 5bday girls, including belated && becoming-me, fza, yana, ajim && ijah. actually dis suprise party was planned by fza. so kt cake tu xdela name die. cyan die sbb ptot die pn msk dlm list bday girl gk (eh, ayat mcm ape je ;DD) nway, tq fza for d las sweet moment we spent. really appreciate it.

n now, i juz stay at home, being such a lazy housewife eva ! ;DD

ive done my Dip in English Comm.
wat's next?

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