Friday, April 16, 2010

how waste !

it's 5.15 EARLY in the morning and my eyes still open widely.
nescaffe? no, im not into caffeine. *liar ! but serious, not because of caffeine, today.

i don't know why.
my sleep time and routines are just as im living in somewhere, not Malaysia.
eh no, i mean im juz like living my routine by refering to london time.
wake up when the sun is straight up above you head and sleep after subuh.
What am i doing, not living in the normal Malaysia time (boo)? i also don't know.

i just keep my eyes focusing in front of my lappy.
but before i get my sweetdream, when i flashback what did i do actually, spending 24hrs in front of the lappy?
even me myself can't answer it.
my mom once asked, what did u do, spending all day long in front of the lappy? is there no tomorrow? what to answer? i do nothing but still, why do i spend my day in front of the lappy?
wasting my life, wasting my time, wasting money.

c, how your lappy and internet can control your life?

im now sick of all these stupid things called insomnia and hypersomnia. damn !


  1. samela kite. takleh tdo gak. ish ishh -___-

  2. tulahhhh ish. tasuke lah. hm :(
    nk normal punya waktu tido

  3. haah haah. mcm i ni dah la nak start skolah dah. haishh. bikin naye je kan. ish ishh -____-"

  4. ish jangan. nanti dah stat skolah dah xdpt rasa lagi nikmat tidur. baik tidur puas2 hehe

  5. huahhh. tula psal. tp mcm dah tlambat je ni. isk iskk :(

  6. dtg sini tolong study utk i lagi bagus ;p