Tuesday, October 27, 2009

p/s; geng idong jambu. nk juin?

27th of October,
to: you my laff

To you a very special person on this your birthday,

The best of everything and your wishes come true,
May you never be left alone to celebrate on this day,
To bring joy to you, for being you in so many ways,

Making this your day special is an honor that I cherish,
To make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry for joy,
Sharing with you, making memories on this your birthday,
Looking forward to celebrating many more to come with you,

Beauty and wisdom comes with the passage of time they say,
But Darling there is no one as beautiful, vibrant and loving as you,
there is no one as special to me as you are,
If only to have spent the birthdays of your past just being with you,

So to you my Mr F on this your birthday I give to you,
All the happiness, joy, beauty, passion, kindness, peace, spiritually,
And may these be ever so abundant in your life from now and evermore,
Most of all, I give to you with honor my undying devotion and all my love.

heishh ;) i am hoping that i'll b ur superwoman someday ;P

d one who u share ur life with
d one who u care d most
d one who u cant live witout
d one who is always b by ur side ;)

eh maaf lahh incik xdpt celeb dgn kamu.

sape suroh study jauh nunn d sane
i tadek duit la nk fly g tempat u
lenkali lahirr la bulan june macam i, time sem break ahahah ;DD

xde la jambu sgt idong kitorang kn?

oh emm geee ;DD

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